Up coming performances


To provide a focus for our rehearsing, LaVoce presents a number of concerts over the year. We have  LaVoce at Home concerts for family and friends so they can see what we do on a Tuesday, these conclude with a supper and wine and cheese tasting. The dates for the concerts this year are:

LaVoce at Home 1 Living & Learning Centre, Thursday June 18th 6.30 pm
LaVoce in the Library, Lane Cove Library, Thursday 24th September 6.30 pm
LaVoce at Home 2 Living & Learning Centre, Friday 27th November June 6.30 pm
Carols in the Library, Lane Cove Library, Thursday 17th December 6.30 pm

For more information about the concerts or how to join the choir contact Adrian Lee at 0424507321 or at adrianlee2@mac.com

This year we all voted on the songs wanted to sing in 2020. The list is very exciting and is shown below.  If you click on the link you will be taken to a YouTube rendition of the song. We find this useful for rehearsing during the week.

1  All God's Creatures got a Place in the Choir                      Link

2  Always Look on the Bright Side of Life                             Link

3  Amazing Grace                                                                       Link

4  Autumn Leaves                                                                      Link

5  Bad Moon Rising                                                                   Link

6  Blow the Wind Southerly                                                    Link

7  Blowing in the Wind                                                             Link

8  Bohemian Rhapsody                                                            Link

9  Don't Get Around Much Any More                                   Link

10 Dream a Little Dream of Me                                             Link

11  Edelweiss                                                                              Link

12 Fernando                                                                              Link

13  Georgy Girl                                                                         Link

14 Good Morning Starshine                                                  Link

15 Hallelujah                                                                           Link

16  Homeward Bound                                                            Link

17  I am Australian                                                                Link

18  I Dreamed a Dream                                                       Link

19  I Just Called to Say I Love You                                     Link

20  I Still Call Australia Home                                           Link

21  Imagine                                                                             Link

22  Into the West                                                                   Link

23  Island in the Sun                                                            Link

24  Let it Be                                                                             Link

25  Morning has Broken                                                       Link

26  No One is Alone                                                              Link

27  Sailing                                                                                Link

28  Song of Australia                                                              Link

29  Sunrise Sunrise                                                                 Link

30 The Rose                                                                              Link

31  Till there was You                                                              Link

32 Trains and Boats and Plains                                            Link  

33  You'll Never Walk Alone                                                 Link 1   Link 2

34 You've Got a Friend                                                           Link

35  We'll Meet Again                                                               Link

36  Where Have All the Flowers Gone                                Link